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About TeamSorting.com

TeamSorting.com is maintained by a Team Sorting participant for the purpose of  centralizing team sorting & team penning event schedule listings with emphasis on Northeast Missouri.  TeamSorting.com also promotes the sport & related equine & agricultural businesses.

TeamSorting.com costs about $50 per month to operate but no income is derived from it.
Effective January 1, 2010, Event Listings & Advertising is no longer free.

The following scenerio is being considered for the future:


Advertisers would continue to be listed free of charge but would be asked to sponsor future team sorting & team penning event rounds, generally one (1) round per year.  Refer to Advertise.

Effective ... ., ...., events would no longer be listed free of charge.  Compensation would be required but no money would be exchanged.  A barter/trade charge would be assessed for each event listing in the form of one of the following:
     1) Placing a permanent logo with a link to TeamSorting.com (can only be used once);
         refer to Link to Us.
     2) Accepting a TeamSorting.com Free Ride Coupon for each event submitted &

A free-ride coupon would be generated for each event listed & a copy emailed back to the event submittor for their records.  Submittor would provide a first & last name for authorization of the coupon.

These coupons would be used personally by the owner/operator of TeamSorting.com, his designates or donated back to the event submittor for use at their discretion.

You would be asked to inform and receive approval from your organization's officers, if necessary, to accept these coupons & to Please make sure your event entry personnel were  aware of these coupons & ready to accept them when presented at an advertised event for payment for one (1) free ride for one (1) person.


Feel free  to Link to us.

Email reiny@teamsorting.com or call 660-327-4853. 

Revised September 02, 2013

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